Grand Entrances, the first custom entry door retail store in San Diego, was launched by owners Cesar Mendez and Colin Pearce in 2004. As innovative entrepreneurs, they envisioned building a beautiful showroom where homeowners, contractors, architects, and designers could easily view an extensive display of doors and hardware. In a few short years, Grand Entrances has grown to become the largest door gallery in Southern California.

“In the past doors had been sold off the shelf in hardware supply stores, dust filled warehouses or by catalog. We thought this was a less than satisfactory buyer experience,” says Mendez. “So we offer our clients the opportunity to see more than 200 door styles, designs, woods, and finishes upright like they would look in your home.”

A unique feature found at Grand Entrances is their custom design capability. The company has designed distinctive doors for some of the most exclusive homes in San Diego The ability to give a basic track home a custom look is a Grand Entrances’ specialty.

Hardware has become an art form and Grand Entrances displays hundreds of choices to dazzle and inspire their client’s creativity. Working with the best names in the business, the eye-catching hardware at Grand Entrances is displayed to be touched and experienced.

“A door is a cross between an architectural element and furniture. With little effort a fabulous new door can give a punch of style to an otherwise ordinary home,” Pearce emphasizes. “We offer complimentary design services because we know homeowners want to express a custom look.”

By offering affordable prices and superior customer service, Grand Entrances has become the destination for discriminating homeowners.


The Grand Entrances logo is a pineapple for a reason. Since colonial times pineapples have adorned homes symbolizing hospitality, good cheer, family affection and gracious home gatherings.

In the 17th century the pineapple was so precious and coveted that kings posed for official portraits with them as a symbol of prestige. Legend has it that sea captains would spear pineapples on to their front gates to announce their safe return and encourage friends to visit. A visual keystone of feasts and friendship, it has become a favorite motif of architects, artisans, and craftsmen. We thought it the perfect symbol to represent Grand Entrances.